Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Antler Chew Toy Review: Two Paws Up!

If you have a dog who is a really heavy chewer, who can go through chew toys like they are candy, then this chew toy might be for you!

The Antler Chews from Blue Ribbon Pet Supply in Charlottetown have proven to stand up strong to the Schnauzer Trio, and their chewing power. I have had trouble finding a natural, healthy, long-lasting chew for my dogs that can stand up and last longer than a few days to a week. It is now the favorite chew toy in my house, and from morning until night there is always one dog chewing on it; you will also generally find a dog lying in wait nearby waiting for their turn to snatch it up given the opportunity.

The only store to carry them in PEI, Blue Ribbon Pet Supply carries antler chews for several sizes of dogs, and so far the quality can't be beat!

Playing the "bone game". Shimmer dragged the bed into the sunny
spot in the center of the kitchen. Gaci is chewing on the bone,
and the others are patiently waiting for their chance to snag it.

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