Monday, October 25, 2010

Harley Finds His New Family

It is with great pleasure, and a little bit of sadness, to announce that Harley is headed to his new (hopefully, keeping fingers crossed!!) forever home. He completed his second in-home visit tonight, and everything has gone splendidly. His new family understands all of his little quirks and that he will take some time to settle in, but he was very happy to play with, take treats from, and go outside on leash with the family so I don't think there will be any problems with him settling in. He ate his supper there and hopped up on the couch to solicit some attention. They are a quiet, retired couple who just want a dog to love, and who do not have any children in the home. So, barring any surprises, it's pretty much the perfect match for what Harley needs.
I'm going to miss the little guy. From that first day I brought him home and he was basically feral, to seeing him warm up and blossom with us, and then my parents, and then some new strangers, it just melted my heart to see him become a real dog and start to see the world as a less scary place. He was the easiest dog once he settled in, always stayed out of the way when you were busy, but played hard, loved hard, and was a real heart-stealer. The family said they would send regular updates, and I will be checking in as well. I'm sure this is not the last I have seen of him by any means, but I want to give them time to settle in and get to know each other before I had back for a visit.

To Harley, and all the challenges he has overcome, and to finding the family that will give him the home, respect, and love that he needs, and wants, for the rest of his days. Love you buddy.

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