Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Kash - Evolving into Adolescence

It's hard to believe my little man is growing up!!!! Four months old, and losing teeth!

He's definitely coming out of "babyhood" and I'm starting to see signs of adolescence (although no leg-lifting yet - knock on wood nearby), in that his play is changing with each of the dogs. I notice it at puppy class too - he is now beginning to incorporate "terrier rules" in play in that there are some things he will no longer accept that he once did. But at the same time, his stability continues to shine as he welcomes any new dog into the household and is getting much better at ignoring dogs during class while we are working here and there. His recall out of play is fantastic, too. I'm quite proud of that feature!

I've been busy working with him, developing his skills for Rally-O and Agility, and later formal obedience. I've also got a weekend in July booked out to take him to an Earthdog trial. I am giddy with excitement for that one, since there are never earthdog events around here and I would LOVE to get him into a terrier event and see how he does!

His four month video, as it turns out, is all about agility, and where we're at so far. I'm very impressed with the level of drive and focus he is developing, and his total lack of fear to try things out. He is such a thinking dog, always keeping me on my toes this boy. I just hope and pray we get through adolescence fluidly, but we'll cross that bridge when we get there!

Here is Kash at four months doing some agility training!

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