Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Year in Review

I have to start out by saying....WOW.....what a year! So many great things to speak of.

To kick it all off, I finally opened Courteous Canine Training Services as a business this year. It's been long in the making, even longer in the waiting, but finally is here. All is going great, I'm learning so much and having a blast. I have wonderful clients who have wonderful dogs, and I am very appreciative for all that has happened this year. I am very excited at some of the plans for 2011, from marketing ideas to new classes to new services being provided.

We had a great year in Rally-O. Despite only being able to get to two weekend trials, Shimmer has blown me away once again by showing me how much her confidence has blossomed and how much she loves to work by getting six successive qualifying scores in six trials. Of those wins, we saw: Two High In Classes, one perfect 100 (in her second trial ever), and four other scores 90 or above.

Agility took a hit this year with Gaci's back injury right before the second trial of the year, which put her out of commission for two months, which is a lot during the trialling season. Shimmer, though, made a great debut into agility, obtaining 1 qualifier in her Jumpers run, with a 1st place finish, and has shown again great work ethic and drive. Once we get her teeter and her weaves polished up over the winter, 2011 will bring on some great agility weekends I am sure.

Both Zipper and Shimmer got their Canine Good Neighbour certificates in July. I am very proud of both of their accomplishments.

We got to take part in several community events over the course of the year. Some of the more memorable ones were the PEI Humane Society Dog Jog, Blue Ribbon Pet Supply's Grand Opening, and the Santa Claus Parade. I am aiming to try to increase the number of community events we take part in next year, and have to start planning it out now.

I got the wonderful opportunity to foster a super-sweet 7.5 year old Mini Schnauzer male, Harley, who had some special needs and was in need of some re-training. After two months of care and training, he made the trip to his new family, and they love him to pieces. I just had a nice visit with all of them before Christmas, and he is settled in like he's been with them forever, and he still remembers all of the fun tricks and games that we developed together. I wish him, and his family, the very best for the future.

I'm looking forward to all that 2011 will bring. Business growth, more training, and who knows, maybe a whole new training *project*?  Wink wink.

Here's to the passing of 2010, and to ringing in 2011!!!

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  1. Can't imagine what that *new training project* could POSSIBLY be!!! *wink wink*

    Best wishes for a great year a la puppers!

    Luv ma & pa