Monday, May 31, 2010

Self Control Saves Lives

These days it seems that we live in an instant-gratification society. We want everything now, without having to wait for it - after all, there is not enough time in the day. Our dogs also live in an instant-gratification society. The difference is, but it can come with some heartbreaking consequences. Dogs run out doors and get hit by cars or run off never top be seen again; they trip up their human family on stairs. Squabbles break out as several dogs rush doors at once and compete for space.

Many dog owners become irrelevant as soon as that door opens, or as soon as that food dish comes out, simply because they have never taught their dogs to control their impulses around doors and pay attention to their humans at that threshold. Some simple exercises can make you more relevant in your dog's lives, and they will pay more attention to what it is you want.

Teach them that they can get what they want, by first doing what you want. It makes life a lot easier, and it does save lives.

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